I have always had an attraction to vibrancy of color. I am drawn to the harmony or discourse of a selective palette which evokes an array of ideas and emotions. Peaceful, serene, silly or shocking are terms that come to mind.  I view each piece as a whole and as vignettes within. My mind may travel through a piece, settle on a particular area then radiate to others providing different visual experiences.

I work spontaneously with little forethought of a finished piece. I begin with a simple stroke and continue adding until I feel the work is completed.  This involves stepping back from the easel often to observe. Is the piece balanced? Does it flow? Do specific areas need attention? Although a specific piece may have a personal meaning to me, it is my wish that each viewer determines their own response.

My portfolio features both paintings and pastels. In addition, I offer commissioned work based on photos provided by the client. I select and edit the submissions to represent their lifestyle, interests, and physical environment.

I try not to take my work too seriously. It’s simply for everyone’s enjoyment. In all honesty, I created my first piece because I needed something on the wall!